1. A copy of last year’s tax return if you have it. 
  2. Picture ID for taxpayer(s) and a document with social security number on it for each person listed on the tax return (social security card preferred). 
  3. Birth dates for everyone listed on the tax return. 
  4. All W-2s and 1099s for income received including the SSA-1099 if you received social security payments. Some 1099s are not mailed until after February 15. 
  5. Any form 1098s for expenses you paid that may impact your tax return. For example, Mortgage interest paid, school loan interest paid, etc. 
  6. Bring any form 1095s (1095A, 1095B, or 1095C) Health Insurance Statements. 
  7. If you either purchased health insurance through the Health Insurance Exchange or don’t have health insurance for all members of your family, bring the income documents for all members of your household that you either could or do claim as a dependent. 
  8. If you pay for health insurance out of your own pocket, bring cost information. (affects Missouri tax return) 
  9. If you are filing for the Missouri Property Tax Credit (aka Circuit Breaker), bring paid real estate tax receipt or rent receipts. Also bring the landlord’s name, address, and phone number. If your home is a mobile home, bring form 948 and paid property tax receipt. You can get the form 948 by calling the County assessor’s office. (Jefferson County = 636-797-5343; Franklin County = 636-583-6348) If receiving SSI or Veteran’s benefits, bring Social Security or VA letter showing amount received in 2016. 
  10. If a refund is expected and the taxpayer and wants direct deposit of the refund, bring checkbook or check (NOT deposit slip) so we can get necessary numbers for the refund. 

****Note: We can only do returns for the CURRENT tax year and THREE PRIOR years.****